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“ The State Group used Utility Management Solutions (UMS) to capture rebates in a large commercial industrial facility. We were nervous after our customer asked us to guarantee an incentive for their project. UMS talked about their experience running utility programs and insured us they could handle the process to secure the funding; they far exceeded our expectations for a rebate company! The UMS team really goes the extra mile to maximize rebates. They were also able to help us identify other opportunities and maximize those rebates as well. Everyone knows better rebates equal shorter Return on Investment.”


Thank you UMS Team!

- Jon LaRosa, The State Group


“American Eagle is an ESCO at its core. We spend the bulk our time auditing and designing projects. While we could procure rebates, we choose to use UMS. The UMS team understands the rebate programs as well as anyone in the industry. At American Eagle we propose projects that are heavily ROI driven. We love to use the UMS team because their industry best protocols help to mitigate the risk of the rebate when working with the customer. It’s critical to our success that we don’t over or under estimate the rebate and UMS delivers!”

- Shane, President, American Eagle Solutions Ltd

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