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Utility Management Solutions


Our Multi-function Audit services, Project Management, and Rebate services can be combined to create a greater value or selected as needed. We are set up to provide customizable services based on your project needs .

Use UMS to support your individual ECMs for Site Assessments such as:

Construction-Ready Investment Grade Audits


  • Title 24

  • Controls

  • Photometrics

  • Foot Candle Readings

  • Site Maps. 


Full assessments for unit replacements or retrofits. 

  • Motors

  • Controls

  • Strip Curtains

  • Night Shades

  • and more!

  • Audits to support efficient design to reduce installation cost and future proof with DR software

Treasure Hunts
  • Help you identify areas of improvement for your customers. 

In addition to our other services, our team is qualified to perform ASHRAE level audits

Our team members at UMS have designed and implemented utility scale programs. Allow our experts to support you in your rebate process.

Utility Incentive and Rebate Coordination


Retrofit Incentives

With our utility experience, we excel at capturing more incentives than other companies by digging into the details.

New Construction

Allow us to support you on complex New Construction rebates: from Lighting to HVAC to Compressed Air and more!

Custom Utility Incentives

If you're looking to replace equipment, talk to us to see how we can help- items such as injection mold machines or other innovative energy solutions. Not commonly incentivized

We can help with PJM and other incentives that aren't commonly collected.

Federal Tax Incentives

We support pre and post site inspections and other M&V activities for your project or rebate as needed. 

Measurement and Verification Services (M&V)
Demand Response and Load Shedding

UMS has Master Electricians and PMPs on staff and with internal resources and our partners, UMS is licensed in 46 states. Allow us to support your project management and installation with certified and licensed professionals.

Project Management and Installation Services


Logistics on National Account Rollouts

UMS has successfully completed National HVAC, Lighting, and Refrigeration audits for over 457 locations and 25 states!

Measurement and Verification Services (M&V)

We support pre and post site inspections and other M&V activities for your project or rebate as needed. 

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