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Scale back on energy, scale up on profits.

Scaling an energy retrofit across a large facility portfolio is harder than it sounds—especially if you’re not solely dedicated to the task.  Lucky for you, we are! Our portfolio specialists are trained to maximize the value and accelerate the implementation of initiatives across your portfolio for improved efficiency, increased productivity, and rapid achievement of sustainability goals. 

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Project-Based Service

Every project is unique, and we have a service for that. Our Project based approach allows you to submit a single project without additional commitment. You will receive a thorough line by line review where we put our skin in the game; so it pays for us to maximize your incentive. Below are a few examples that typically qualify for a project based review:  

  • Lighting

  • Chillers

  • Compressed Air

  • New Construction

  • Custom Projects

  • Solar

Member-Based Service

This service provides you all the benefits of engineering support like a large project, and also enables the UMS team to support you on smaller incentives with no extra fees such as a project minimum fee. Our member based service allows you to take advantage of the hidden dollars in your day to day smaller equipment upgrades such as the ones listed below:

  • Food Service Equipment

  • HVAC

  • Smaller VFDs

  • Refrigeration (size dependent)

  • Agricultural

  • Office Equipment

What We Do

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation uses our "Free to let us see!" approach. We're happy to look at a project for you to ensure we can provide value, verify project eligibility or take over the administrative process from the beginning saving you valuable time.

Rebate Administration

Utility sponsored rebates for energy efficient products and projects have dramatically increased end-user adoption of energy efficient technologies. The UMS rebate team retrofits and new construction projects. 

Rebate Procurement

UMS can handle all projects of all types: Indoor, outdoor, new construction, retrofit; regardless of application or project type, UMS can deliver.

Project Development

Sometimes the hardest part of getting an incentive approved is knowing how to identify and scope the project to begin with. At UMS, we’ve helped customers develop and implement upgrades simply by sharing necessary efficiency levels to qualify for incentives. The great part is the rebates helps to cover the incremental cost!

Get Started

Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch soon.

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See our Refrigeration and Lightning testimonial from Gerrity's Supermarkets:



“The State Group used Utility Management Solutions (UMS) to capture rebates in a large commercial industrial facility. We were nervous after our customer asked us to guarantee an incentive for their project. UMS talked about their experience running utility programs and insured us they could handle the process to secure the funding; they far exceeded our expectations for a rebate company! The UMS team really goes the extra mile to maximize rebates. They were also able to help us identify other opportunities and maximize those rebates as well. Everyone knows better rebates equal shorter Return on Investment. Thank you UMS Team!” 

- Jon LaRosa, The State Group

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